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Soft water

A customer recently had us install a new water softener for them. When installing a soft water system it is important to take a few things into consideration before taking the proverbial plunge into soft water.

Do you like the "soapy" feel of soft water?

Does your home currently have copper pipes and fittings?

Are you prepared to spend the money associated with increased water usage when the softener regenerates?

Are you prepared to replace the softener in 7-10 years?

The reasons you need to ask yourself these questions are as follows:

Soft water has a different feel to it than unconditioned water. If you still feel like there is soap on your body after you know you have washed it off that is why.

Soft water has been known to deteriorate copper in the Las Vegas Valley if you are on city water without a filtration system. This could lead to slab or in wall leaks.

Whenever a softener regenerates it expels the excess water. This happens daily for most systems. This in turn increases your water bill.

Most units have a 7-10 year life. If a softener goes bad, it will expel a fish egg like substance into your plumbing. This is quite costly to fix as it will require us to flush out your entire plumbing system meticulously. It usually also requires rebuilding of toilets, shower cartridges and the replacement of aerators.

If you are not concerned with the feel of soft water then a 3 stage filtration system may be a better option for your home. Call us if you would like to evaluate your options, we will be happy to speak to you about them.

LED Lighting

Recently prices have dropped significantly on LED lights. We have done many installs for residential and commercial customers due to rising energy costs. A typical incandescent light bulb uses about 90% more energy than a new LED bulb. They will also last about 50 times longer. Think about this next time you are in the market for some new bulbs.

That pesky drip

Do you have a slow drip from a faucet? A hose bib? Do you know that that drip adds up to gallons of water that you are probably paying for? By eliminating that drip you can save a few bucks while also knowing that you are conserving water!

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